It Starts with a Personalized Consultation….and ends with Professional Installation!

Personalized Consultation
Girgenti offers custom products and superior design. In order to get the most out of your Girgenti experience, we provide an essential on-location consultation to ensure your design needs are met. Our personalized consultation will address some essentials:
Function: Do you need more privacy? Less light? Did you know Automation was an option?
Style & Colour: Do you have an established style, or colour palette? If not, let us help you!
Measurements: Knowing the room guarantees its custom. Nothing is off-the-shelf at Girgenti.

Design Recommendations
The prefect room needs direction – A vision that ties it together and lends inspiration. It is essential to anyone undertaking a renovation to start with a vision! Knowing how to turn that vision into a room that creates harmony within your home or business is what makes it Girgenti, by design.

Girgenti by Design understands how a room reflects your style and personality – and that is just the beginning! With decades in the design industry combined with our knowledge of colour psychology, we have the expertise to choose the right colours, fabrics and textiles for your space. We will combine our knowledge and expertise with your personal preferences and unique vision.

Whether your project is small or big, from covering one window to redecorating an entire room, Girgenti by Design will create a design for your room and windows that will inspire you for years to come!

Let us put it all together by….
-choosing a colour scheme that matches a clients’ personal taste and function of the room
-selecting and designing window treatments for your windows
-selecting paint colours
-designing custom bedding, upholstery and accessories
-selecting furniture, floor, accessories and more!




Our Professional Installers come with specialized skills and expertise to ensure all products are installed safely, to code and by design.

Our team comes prepared and is always respectful of the workspace. Because everything Girgenti does is custom, we will have a plan in place that takes our designs to completion. From beginning to end, Girgenti has you covered.